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About Glory of War

Welcome to the Glory of War Regiment.
Our objective is to have fun while improving our skills and gameplay. We tend to be an older group of tankers bound by our love of tanking.  While all are welcome we do tend to be a low key, drama free clan. If that floats your boat, then please contact us and lets tank.

You need to have a desire to improve your gameplay.
You need to download Ventrilo and be able to communicate in English.
You MUST be respectful toward others both inside and outside the clan at all times.
While in game you must be in Ventrilo

Yes, we have migrated to a new voice chat. 

Vent info :

        Server :
           Port :  63930
Password : 2%

Ventrilo download link :

In Ventrilo setup, uncheck the play keyclick checkbox

Clan Modification Package updated as of Feb23 - 2014 for WoT ver 8.11

This package is the property of the Glory of WarClan.
Check post in Training / Knowledgebase forum for download instructions.
The post is called 'Clan Modification Install Help'  I am editing the post, so the date might look old.


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